written in 2018

Spent my childhood in the eastern part of Croatia, in a small rural place where deep-rooted tradition intermingles with faith as the ultimate life value, where the patriarchy is at the heart of each family, and where the Croatian War of Independence, a symbol of the past, still reflects on the present. Given my inability to completely relate to the surroundings of my growing up, I've always been troubled with a feeling of not belonging. Even if I wasn't aware of it, at that time photography was a means of escaping reality and all the difficulties I would encounter. Now, after moving out and leaving my family home, photography figures as a way of establishing new models of connecting to my surroundings and my family, but also as a way of returning to everything I once wanted to escape from. The photos I take will show the things I was not able to change so as to try to change what is yet to come. In my work, I frequently use my personal (family) archive so as to visualise a specific idea, all the while making my own narrative series merging the documentary with the conceptual. What interests me as well is the extent one's upbringing and milieu contribute to the making of one's identity - what part of it is nature and what part is nurture? And can there be any real change made by sheer will? Therefore, topics such as family, intimacy and (not) belonging lie at the heart of my artwork, based on personal experiences and used to inspire new ones.